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Rules and Regulations

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Rules and Regulations

Post by Tim Fortner on June 26th 2016, 10:59 am

                              Rules and Regulations                              
Revised 6-28-18

Rules Participation in Early Bird Racing requires knowledge of the rules. Irresponsible driving or abuse of the rules will result in committee review and possible removal from the League. Rules ensure that disorder, is not possible. To ensure that rules are followed, a Deterrence system has been set in place.

New members must be at least 18 to join Early Bird Racing, Have At least a class C license, good Inc per race stats, and register at http://www.earlybirdracing.com/. New members must be able to hold a line and race clean. Members are expected to follow the website/forum for up to date news and information. Casual racers are welcome at Early Bird Racing. If you cannot treat fellow members with respect, this league is not for you.

Racing in this league is a privilege, not a right. The admin has the right to remove you from the series and or the league. There is no requirement to allow any driver in any series to proceed through the penalty system before being removed. The Admin has the responsibility to protect the members of this league and the integrity of every race. Drivers that do not conform to the standards required by this league WILL BE REMOVED.

Code of Conduct

1.1 - Members are required to show good sportsmanship and be respectful of other members, the league, and admins. This applies at all times, before, during or after the actual race. Derogatory comments about the league or its members will not be tolerated. Respect other drivers and no Flaming.

1.2 - Flaming, threatening remarks, verbal confrontation, Profane language, disrespect, arguing, whining, blaming, complaining, is not acceptable at any time.

1.3 - Excessive and/or unnecessary voice or text chat bout an on-track incident or during green flag conditions will not be tolerated. Too much chatter can be distracting for other drivers in the race. Race related chat is acceptable.

1.4 - Sarcastic comments such as “thank you" are not permitted.

1.5 - Over aggressive driving will not be tolerated. 

1.6 - The sending of offensive messages via e-mail, private message, at any time is prohibited. The types of information this covers are offensive messages of , insult, sarcasm, anger, intimidation, or hatred.

1.7 - Calling out another member, or continually engaging in argumentative behavior will not be tolerated.

1.8 - Rude or aggressive behavior, whether in actions behind the wheel, in oral communications through voice or text chat, will not be tolerated.

1.9 Retaliation - Anyone that deliberately and physically targets another league member while in race/practice session may be suspended or removed from the league.

Any member in violation of the above general code of conduct will be subjected to warnings, suspensions, penalties or removal from the league.

General Race Options/Rules

Yellow Flags On, Double File Restarts
Starts and restarts on Green only
One fast repair
Lucky Dogs On (controlled by iRacing)
Leader has Lane Choice
Two caution rule 
Average Race laps 35 - 150
Average fuel 20% - 100%
Dynamic Weather ?
Dynamic Track - Auto

2.1 - Starts and restarts on Green only. Jumping of the restart will not be tolerated and may result in a penalty - Laying back from the field or attempting to be at full speed while catching up to the field already paced to take a green flag is considered jumping the restart.

2.2 - Drivers are to adhere to start and restart rules, including maintaining tight formation, and not attempting to jump other drivers by creating gaps or getting runs. Drivers need to maintain their lanes until pass the Start/Finish line.
2.3 - Leader Lane Choice - Leader has lane choice on any start, and may choose to start on the low or high line. Must select a lane on the 1-to-go lap.
2.4 - Blocking is allowed with less than 5-10 laps left. There is a fine line between aggressive blocking and protecting a position. If you are racing for position, you are allowed to alter your line (block) one time. Be respectful when it comes to Blocking.

2.5 - EOL - If you qualify and grid for the race, you must start from that position. No pulling over or getting an EOL, if you don't want to start in the pack, then don't Qualify. 
2.6 - Spotters may not always provide completely accurate information. Drivers are strongly encouraged to fully utilize the F3 window and their mirrors to maintain complete awareness of the drivers around them. Make sure you are visually clear of other drivers before making on track moves. 
2.7 - Lapped cars  must yield to lead-lap cars . Once a lapped car is one or more laps down, they are expected to GIVE WAY for cars on the lead lap to pass.
2.8- If you are a slower driver and possibly holding up drivers behind you, show respect and give way to the faster drivers. Racing a driver that is clearly faster than you can cause both drivers to lose ground to other drivers. Show respect and give way.
2.9 - If you are a faster driver  and more experienced driver, you should make every effort to qualify. Faster drivers that start in the back cause problems for the slower less experienced driver.
2.10 - We request all drivers to be in practice servers 30 minutes before the qualifying session to allow for needed practice  time. 

 Pit Rules

2.9 - Pitting under green - If traffic is around you, announce your intention to pit , so drivers can adjust there line and avoid wrecks. If you are alone or spaced apart, no need to announce.

2.10- When entering pit road, position yourself in the right hand lane for entering & exiting the pits. 
2.11 - Drivers Must Exit the pits on the backstretch during practice, open qualifying and green flag racing.
2.12  - Drivers may not drive through more than two (2) pit boxes prior to and two (2) pit boxes after their pit stall. Three pit stalls including drivers stall.
Yellow flag and pace lap
3.1 - Two Caution Rule – If you cause or are found to be the cause of 2 cautions, you must park your vehicle and retire from the event. If it is clear that a driver caused 2 cautions and he does not park, a 2 point penalty on top of  penalties for causing 2 cautions and car control issues will be levied. (6 points total).
3.2 - When a caution comes out, Chat is closed until race admins have the incident under control. The only chat allowed immediately after caution flag is the car number by the individual/s involved.
3.3 - When a caution comes out, Catch up to the car you are supposed to be behind and maintain pace speed. 
3.4 - Cars that are damaged to the point that they cannot maintain reasonable speed, as defined by the admins, will have a chance to fix their car to get above reasonable speed. If they are unable, they need to leave the track.
3.5 - Yield to on-track traffic. If you're off-track or have spun or in any way are not able to drive at your normal speed, you must yield to traffic in your attempt to recover. It is the responsibility of the driver who is recovering to ensure that they come back up to speed and into traffic safely.
3.6 - All drivers should maintain good distance from each other. It is also recommended that you stagger until the one to go is given with the odd starting positions going low and the even numbered positions going high.
3.7 -  The spinning or hitting of another car during a yellow flag or pace lap condition can be an automatic penalty.(Car Control Issues P1 penalty 1-3 points).
3.8 - Race Admin will clear black flags during the race if the following situations apply:
(1) - If a driver has to use pit road to avoid an accident.
(2) - If a driver is involved in an accident and is spun onto pit road and gets an unsafe pit entrance.
(3) - Black flag issued for a driver not lining up correctly.
3.9 - Incidents - If you were the cause of the incident or caution, call out your car # immediately after the incident to help the Admins and to avoid issues with penalties. If after reviewing an incident after the race, you see that you were at fault, claim it by sending a PM to the race Admin. This will help with time involved in looking at replays to levy penalties.


4.1 - Tiebreaker - Ties are broken by wins, top 5’s and then by the driver who finished highest in the last race of the season.

4.2 - Scheduled Practices - This is usually the only time you will get to run with each other prior to the actual race. Learning how others drive and how you measure up will help in having a successful race. Official practice times are Tuesday and Friday 6:00PM to 8:00PM and Saturday at 7:30 AM

4.3 - Car numbers -  Members must participate in races to keep his / her car number. Car numbers are assigned to drivers after they register with the league.  However, any league member that has not raced in a league event for a period of 30 days is subject to lose his/her assigned car number upon it being requested by another league driver.  New members that fail to start their first race with the league within 2 weeks are subject to lose their number.

4.4 - Create a team - Members can help one another, help other team members realize their true potential, and create an environment that allows everyone to go beyond his or her limitations and become better drivers on the race track. A truly effective team will contribute to the personal well-being and growth of its members. Leave a message in the forum if you would like to form or join a team. Forming or joining a team is not required.  The limit is 5 members per Team. Teams can request to add a private channel on our teamspeak.

4.5 - Any teammates that are caught manipulating the outcome of a race by any means (blocking, braking, wrecking, etc) can face up to a P4 penalty. In addition, all teammates involved or who benefit from the incident may also be penalized. 

4.6 - Protest - A member may file a protest against another member if he believes that the other member violated a rule, if the offence went unnoticed by admins.

4.7 - Teamspeak -  We will use iRacing voice chat for practice and racing. I do encourage members to download and use Teamspeak for general chat and communication while on the forum and Website. Drivers/Teams can request to add a private channel on our teamspeak. 

4.8 Member identification on TeamSpeak - Your TS name must be, or include, your name. From there and nicknames can't be too long, something that can easily be said, and is in good taste. Do not use any nicknames that are vulgar, disrespectful, controversial, or be otherwise objectionable.

4.9 - Forum Avatar - All members are required to use the iRacing helmet for the forum avatar. Admin will add the avatar after you are signed up.

4.10 - Awards Information - If a driver lives outside of the United States,  import fees and shipping charges for a trophy that is imported would be too expensive. A gift card will be awarded instead of a trophy.

4.11- Paint Schemes may not be indecent, defamatory, obscene, threatening, abusive, illegal, harassing, contain expressions of hatred, bigotry, racism or pornography, promote or otherwise refer to illicit drugs, constitute or encourage a criminal offense, or be otherwise objectionable.

4.12 - Post Race -  Any post-race contact that results in an incident or a complaint filed by a competitor will result in an official review of the incident, with the offending driver receiving at least a P1 penalty.  This will be a judgment call by officials, and in some cases the car that gets hit may be held responsible, based on the circumstances involving the incident. With the exception of the race winner, all drivers must exit the race track after the cool-down lap.

4.13 - Drivers must be able to hold a line and race clean  (Car Control Issues). If a driver shows signs of erratic or unnatural driving behaviour, the race committee has every right to remove the driver from the series or the league.

4.14 - Attempts to gain an unfair advantage using a bug/glitch will be penalized. This rule applies to practice, qualifying, and racing. Penalty = Suspension to termination from the league.

4.15 - If a driver misses a race for any reason, he is not allowed to have a substitute driver. No substitute drivers except for team events.

4.16 - Probation applies to any new drivers to Early Bird Racing  for a total of 5 races, or any driver that is placed on probation based on any actions that are done on the track that violate the rules or any time the Race Admin/committee see it is necessary to put a driver on probation.


5.1 - If connection issues continue during a race, take it upon yourself to take yourself out. 

5.2 - If you lose your connection you can rejoin. 

5.3 - If half of the field gets booted before the halfway point, the race will be rescheduled. If it happens at or after the halfway point, the race is official. Official standings will be recreated from the race server's replay if an official export is not generated.

Rule changes may take place over the course of the season.


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Tim Fortner

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Re: Rules and Regulations

Post by Tim Fortner on February 14th 2019, 5:34 pm

Participation in Early Bird Racing requires knowledge of the rules. Rules ensure that disorder is not possible. 

Early Bird Racing
Tim Fortner
Tim Fortner

Posts : 880
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Reputation : 27
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