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Deterrence System

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Deterrence System

Post by Tim Fortner on June 26th 2016, 11:10 am

Deterrence System

It is aggressive driving incidents, Car Control Issues, and Code of Conduct violations which can be avoided that will be penalized. 
6.1 - Every driver can accumulate Penalty points during the season. Penalty points will be levied by the race Admin/committee as a result of an incident or rule violation. When a driver accrues 10 points he will be suspended for the next race. After sitting-out the race, the drivers penalty points total is reset to 4 points.
6.2 - If a driver accrues 10 Penalty points a second time during a series, he will be suspended for the rest of the series or be assessed a P4 penalty.  If a driver receives Penalty points in the last race of the series and the total would exceed 10 points, the driver will be disqualified from that race. 
6.3 - If a driver has penalty points, he can reduce those points through penalty-free races. This will amount to a 2-point reduction for every penalty free race. Drivers cannot “bank” points, this only applies if a driver has negative points to subtract from. Start and Park will not qualify as a Penalty free race. The Race Admin will determine if a reasonable attempt to compete was made.  
6.4 - If it is determined that a driver disregards the penalty system near the end of a series or manipulates the system, he will be suspended, placed on probation, championship points removed or recieve a P4 penalty.
6.5-  Race Admin to complete race review and announce penalties by Thursday following the Saturday Race. A driver has 24 hours after a penalty is announced via the "appeals form" to officially protest that penalty, after that time any protests/appeals will be void.
Racing in this league is a privilege, not a right. The admin has the right to remove you from the series and or the league. There is no requirement to allow any driver in any series to proceed through the penalty system before being removed. The Admin has the responsibility to protect the members of this league and the integrity of every race. Drivers that do not conform to the standards required by this league WILL BE REMOVED. 

The system begins with a P1 penalty. There are four levels of infractions, which are laid out from the least serious (P1) to a major infraction (P4).Starting with P1 there's a complete breakdown for points, fines, suspensions, probation and potential additions based on the post-race replay. For tiers P2 and P3 it allows for a combination of any or all punishments. Once it reaches P4, all connected penalties will be assessed. Decisions to impose penalties are at the discretion of the Race Admin/Committee based on the context of the situation.

*Due to the great racing and respect displayed on track in the past year or so, Early Bird Racing has decided to suspend our penalty system even further. The P2 (6.7.1 Car Control Issues) has been suspended indefinitely. Both the P1 and P2 car control penalties have been suspended. All other penalties are still in effect.

6.6   P1 Penalty                                              
6.6.1 - Car Control Issues= Warning to 1 penalty points (seriousness of incident) ** 
6.6.2 - Restart violations (Jumping the start)=From Warning to 4 penalty points to dq
6.6.3 - Pit Road violations  = From Warning to 4 penalty points to dq**
6.6.4 - Pit entry/exit Violations= From Warning to 4 penalty points to dq**
6.6.5 - Code of Conduct Violations= Warning to 4 penalty points (seriousness of infraction)
6.6.7 - Over Aggressive Driving=Warning  to 4 penalty points (seriousness of infraction)
6.6.8 - Incident during caution lap= 1 to 4 penalty points (seriousness of incident)
6.6.9 - Post Race - Post-race contact that results in an incident or complaint = 1 to 4 penalty points. 
** P1 Car Control Issues - Cause of incident involving other driver.
** P1 Cause of caution with no other cars involved.
** P1 Pit entry/exit - Did not exit the pits on the backstretch during green flag racing.
** P1 Pit entry/exit - Did not Position yourself in the right hand lane for entering & exiting the pits.
** P1 Pit Road - Drove through more than two (2) pit boxes prior to and/or two (2) pit boxes after the drivers
     own pit stall. 
6.7   P2 Penalty  
6.7.1 - Car Control Issues = 2 to 4 penalty points (seriousness of incident)  ** 
6.7.2 - Over Aggressive Driving= 4 penalty points + Warning + 3 race probation + 1 race suspension
6.7.3 - Code of Conduct Violations = 4 penalty points + Warning + 1 race suspension + 5 Race probation and loss of race points for that race.
6.7.4 - Cause of two cautions with others involved=4 penalty points + Park car 
6.7.5 - Cause of two cautions with no other cars involved= 2 penalty points + Park car 
6.7.6 - Post Race Retaliation / Intentional wrecking  = Warning + 5 race Probation + 4 penalty points and loss of race points for that race.
** P2 Car Control Issues - Cause of incident that takes other driver(s)out. 
** P2 Car Control Issues - Multiple incidents in same race.
** P2 Car Control Issues - An incident that has an adverse effect on performance of another driver(s).
6.8  P3 Penalty  Actions proved to be detrimental to the league
6.8.1 - Code of Conduct Violations=Series suspension + 5 race probation in next series 
6.8.2 - Car Control Issues = 4 penalty points + Warning **
6.8.3 - Over Aggressive Driving= Series suspension + 5 race probation in next series 
6.8.4 - Did not park car after causing 2 cautions that was clearly drivers fault= 2 penalty points + Warning + Cause of two cautions=4 penalty points (total 6 penalty points). 
6.8.5 - Retaliation / Intentional wrecking  = 1 to 5 race suspension + 5 race Probation + 4 penalty points and loss of race points for that race. Driver will not be allowed on track while serving suspension during practice or race day.   (Revised 3-6-16)
** P3 Car Control Issues - Cause of three incidents involving other drivers in same race.
6.9  P4 Penalty  - Actions proved to be detrimental to the league
6.9.1 - Intentional wrecking= Series suspension + Probation to Removal from league (Revised 3-6-16)
6.9.2 - Retaliation  = Series suspension + Probation to Removal from league (Revised 3-6-16)
6.9.3 - Total disregard of league rules=Removal from league
6.9.4 - Intentional causing a caution= Series suspension + Probation to Removal from league
6.9.5 - Car Control Issues = Removal from league  ** 
6.9.6 - Code of Conduct Violations=Removal from league
6.9.7 - Attempts to gain an unfair advantage using a bug/glitch = Removal from league. 
6.9.8 - Use of a substitute driver = Series suspension + Stripped of points for the series or Removal from the league. 
**  P4 Car Control Issues - Racing/Race craft proved to be detrimental to the league.


a. If you run into someone's rear bumper during a race and spin them, then you'll probably get credit for the incident unless the driver you hit is already out of control and slowing his forward progress while under green.  Of course, this does not include the car in front slowing down to negotiate a corner. 1 to 4 penalty points.

b. If you are inside of another driver going into the corner, can't hold the bottom groove and force by contact the outside-lane driver into a situation that causes an incident, then you can expect to get credit for that incident unless there is overwhelming evidence that the incident was caused by another driver's. 1 to 4 penalty points.

c. If you bounce off the wall and make contact with another car and either of you spin causing an incident, then the car bouncing off the wall will likely get credit for the incident. 1 to 4 penalty points.

d. In cases where two drivers are racing each other down into the corner and make contact, if the driver in the inside lane and has any part of his car to the inside of the other driver's car, holds his line and contact occurs causing an incident, then the outside-lane driver will receive credit for the incident.  Same applies to racing off the corner and on the straight-aways, unless the inside car crowds the outside car into the outside wall.

e. In cases where several cars are in nose to tail proximity, referred to as car "A", "B", and "C", in that order from lead to tail, and car "B" makes contact with car "A" ahead of him and causes a sudden loss of forward momentum that results in car "C" spinning car "B", then car "B" will be deemed at fault. This scenario is difficult to rule on, so the basis will be the initiator of the contact that caused the loss of forward momentum.

f. If two drivers are racing side-by-side and contact between them causes an incident, and officials can't determine which of the drivers was at-fault or out of their rightful lane, then neither driver will be held at fault. This also includes the simulation platform's net code in cases where there was visually a substantial air gap between the two cars.

g.Turning in on attacking car -  Respect the presence of the cars around you, drivers cannot turn in when a car is next to them and not expect contact. Respect the attacking driver's position, do not simply move across to where the attacking driver is. Driver that turned in will likely get credit for the incident.

h. If a driver self spins/causes an incident with no caution and no other drivers involved, no penalty will be levied. If an incident is classified as a racing incident, no penalties will be levied.

j. Due to netcode and borderline aggressive driving, Side-drafting maybe penalized. If an incident occurs and side-drafting is noticed, the driver side-drafting may be penalized. Side-drafting leaves no room for error for the cars inside that are being pinned down and may cause an incident.


 All penalties will be posted in the Penalties, Warnings & Suspensions section.

Early Bird Racing
Tim Fortner

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Re: Deterrence System

Post by Tim Fortner on May 13th 2018, 9:14 am

New P2 penalty added 6.7.6

Post Race Retaliation / Intentional wrecking  = Warning + 5 race Probation + 4 penalty points and loss of race points for that race.

Early Bird Racing
Tim Fortner

Posts : 851
Points : 3965
Reputation : 26
Join date : 2013-11-16
Location : Bluefield Wv


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